Wednesday, November 11, 2009

- kia ajeeb cheezian dekhti rehti ho? Pagal hojao gi -

Every time I cant get myself to feel or care I think to myself "what the hell is wrong with me?" Hence, making 'myself' the current issue and discarding any other problem which might exist in the world. Thats my escape.
But. Dont you just adore winter? Like hoodies n sweaters n blankets n pillows n all death-like n dark n ice cream n chocolates n cold n quiet like weeeeeeeeeee....
:D:D <--[Exaggeration of emotions. Refer to post Bleh. ]

A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.
^ I find that really really funny.
You dont?
Awe man...:(

Urooj says:
Hey dude wat ya crackin up in the hizel ma nizel....;p

Dost hai meri. And I love her. Dont. You. DARE. Make fun!
I'll pull your lungs out of your mouth!! <--[Yet another exaggeration.]

According to this documentary "The Arrivals" - a detailed post on that later - Hitler dint kill jews out of pure hatred. There was a greater reason. Fuck the reason right now. But. You dont just wake up one day and question Hitler alryte...Insult!
Hitler did, whatever he did, for 'racial hygiene' and because he was evil and totally awesome.
[Your opinion may differ - Up yours!]


So...I couldnt sleep the other night...well...I usually cant....but...that night I also couldnt think or feel and got extremely bored. So I started staring in the mirror...I was actually trying to scare myself cuz it was dark and late and the wind was making weird sound outside my window and it just wasnt creeping my out. So just yeah. Then I saw nothing. No hallucinations at all. Then i started thinking of exorcist wali images...and all the other creepy images...still nothing. Then I started playing with my hand like half my hand hanging down the bed and making creepy shapes with fingers like a witch...still nothing. Disappointment!

Theres more to the story but I just lost interest...


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