Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post # 200

Know how I keep ranting about people and how pathetic they are and oh how much I hate them...Ive recently become one of them. Just as pathetic, just as sick, just as low, just as stupid. Which automatically cancels my license to diss. I was not to become what I became, with this level of shame, my soul is possessed by this devil my new name is, the mistress, because Im in disgrace. A baby snake in a reticule. Thats me.

^ I wrote that yesterday ^

Today, however, I feel rejuvenated. Why? I dont know. I do whatever she tells me to do. She wont tell me no details. The bitch has been resuscitated. Who? My brain. But shes right. Always is. I love you brain.

My new monitor is hot. Finally all the shits are black. Anyway. I wana blog. But you are blogging dip shit. Shut up. Sanias getting nikahfied by the end of this month. Im not happy sania. And you know why. But. Whatever. Your life.

I dont know why I enjoy taking taking name. Repeating them in my head again and again. Crocodiles are so handsome. Alligators are not as charming. I want a crocodile=(

Rida...crocodile for my birthday? Please?



RidZ said...

NO! You'll be the crazy reptile lady then and feed to the crocs will be em people.
I am a humanitarian. A lame one too. Yes.
Shut up.

uzme said...

No body understands me...:(