Saturday, November 7, 2009

wriggle wigle youre waiting for someones text...and you wait and you wait...and finally your cell goes *beep* and you just couldnt be more excited and just jump out of your seat and eagerly unlock your cell and hit "view" and wait for 3 loong seconds for your cell to show the text because your cell is fucked up because you abused its memory...and then it turns out to be a message from ufone. Yeah that makes me feel pretty stupid. And then it turns into frustration which later turns into hostility against whoever is around me.
I hate you ufone. I dont want you to make me feel special alryte? Just stop sending me a million messages a day. Okay? Just stop it. Im a very efette being. I cant take it anymore! I cant get myself to study. I know i'll pass. Im so full of it. Too much confidence. Hate it. Gaah.
Have to find a job after my exams.
Prepare for CSS.
I dont think I'll make it through. Just. Bleh.
And so I have to collect back up money for my masters.
But. Psychology...I dont wana go to KU...*tears*

My maid talks a lot...>_>
I lose my concentration. Ugh.

You spin my head right round right round when you down when you go down down...Yeh kia batameezi hai?=O

Ever get confused with feelings? See. What are feelings without biological factors? Fear without trembling and that weird tummy aches and everything that follows..? Would you still be scared if you dint physically feel scared?
What is sadness without that hollow feeling..without tears..? How do you know youre sad..? How do you know that its not just your brain observing the situation which requires you to be sad and so its manipulating you into being sad..?
Like...umm....I cant explain...:s

Right round right round...when you go down loag...=O


uglyduckling91 said...

You changed it to blah! :D

RidZ said...

I want this song

RidZ said...

Oh and stop waiting for em messages. Just. Stop. >_>

uzme said...

Duckie...I DID..o.O

Rida...its right round by flo Rida.
And....sumera ka text ka wait...o.O
Tryna get her to stop the wedding..:\


RidZ said...