Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glorious food - Part 2.

Guys who play farmville are so Gay.
Also I hate being referred to as a cool chick/hot chick/sexy chick or anything to do with chick. Im not a 'chick' and certainly not yours.
But fuck that. Ima blog about thing that really matter. Things that make me happy. Food.
I dont want to sound shallow but the best times Ive had in my life were not with a person but with food...or an object or with something virtual...not a human being.

Following are the best meals Ive had in the last 4 months. Best as in not in taste...but Ive enjoyed them enough to take a pic. Like...ate em alone with full and complete concentration. Enjoyed the taste of every single minute present particle. Oh and Im a very slow eater. I take very small bites and take me time to chew and swallow. I try to speed it up when Im with friends/cousins but still Im the last one to finish. Actually I scarcely finish my meals. Bleh.
So yeah...

This is the dry wali yellow dal with fresh roti made by me mommy and peri peri sauce. Now Im not a dal person. I usually skip meals when we have dal but this one was just awesome. And I took a second serving.

Chicken cheese steak. Now you cant see the steak anywhere cuz I ate it all. Yeah Im the kind of girl who orders a steak and finishes it. I know this is a little not me cuz I think chicken steaks are totally gay. Im more of a pepper beef steak person but this meal was just....divine.

And now, the real reason why I bothered with this post. The Bun kebab [or is it band kebab...I never quite got it. Both make sense to me.]

You see the coleslaw? It sucked. The ketchup - sucked! The bun kebab - eatable. Fries - pretty good. But I had a great time having it. Although my mum kept telling how nasty it is with the whole "Pata nai kia kia gandi cheezain dali hongi ismai.Ye bazaar waley itna kachra daltey hain. Ap kabhi banatey hue dekh lo inko to bemaar hojao gi" routine my brother and I have to go through eveyr once in a while. But, you see, I hadnt had a bun kebab in like years! I dont even remember the last time I had it. Well yeah we had it at sanias place when we dint have money but my mum doesnt know about that so yeah. Years it is!
But dude...heres the thing. It was for 40 rupees. Thats F O R T Y rupees! It was a guilt-free meal I tell you. Pure satisfaction!

And now, a meal that left me with guilt, regret, unfulfilled desires and an unsatisfied appetite.

Thats last nights zinger.
Kfc just never works for me. Just not my thing. Waste of money. Donalds is still acceptable.

2 zinger + 2 regular fries + 2 regular drinks = Rupees 610 * regret * nausea = Fail.

Oh, and this too.

Hot chocolate milk.
Yes, I can be a milk n cookie person at times.
I have trouble sleeping every time I couldnt sleep I would go sit on the lil couch in the kitchen [cuz I sleep with my mum] have chocolate milk and read R.L Stine.
Good ol' days.

Ziada lambi post hogai. Oh you know how much Im in love with these lil things. I can still go on but I wont.
So. Yes. End here.
Im so lame:\

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