Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dedicated to everyone who thinks afu is an angel..

Pu : Youre not coming to farewell?

Me : Nope

Pu : Youre a real party pooper so what you got oil in you hair wear a hat..

Me : Nah..I dunno..

Pu : You one fucked up person. Call Mariam.

Me : Dont feel like...Im watchin a movie..

Pu : Bleakh party pooper

Me : Oh c'mon...everyone else is gona be'l have fun anyway..

Pu : Sicko.

Me : Weirdo.

Pu : Psycho.

Me : Dick Head.

Pu : Pickle head

Me : **** head

Pu : fucked up whore

Me : lol...

Pu : slut

Me : *** sucker

Pu : giver

Me : *** face

Pu : You already said **** head it doesnt count, fat ass.

Me : Does too ********* brain

Pu : **** face, you online?

Me : No my monitor fucked ***** lover.

Pu : Coolness. Serves you right bitch.

Me : Whatever I have dvd's [something I dont remember]

Pu : Hoe bag.

Me : Doesnt count you already called me a whore..

Pu : Wait, what I call you in the last text, dweeb?

Me : Hoe..

Pu : I called you a fucked up soo counts doooefus!

Me : Whatever you ovulating Paris Hilton.

Pu : you ****** too bloody bloody *** ******

Me : You meera!

Pu : Dont talk wanmabe english drama queen.

Me : Whats a wanmabe?

Pu : I meant wannabe. Typo. Pee brain.

Me : WTF you think Im a wannabe?

Pu : Huh.

Me : Whatever man. You think Im a wannabe I dont wana talk to you..

Pu : Hey hey called me *** sucker which I most certainly am NOT along with the other things. I dint mean the insult but if it pissed you off then good. Mission accomplished.

Me : You DO think Im a wannabe...***** *****

Pu : I never called you a wannabe I was refering to meera ****** *****

Me : Oh. lol. Okay. P.S. I took a shower way back at 8 Im coming tomorrow.

Pu : Awesome.

Me : Yep.

Pu : Wait. All that name calling for no reason?

Me : Killed time dint it?

Pu :Sure did.

....Afu is NOT an angel.


uglyduckling91 said...

I still can't think of the 3 letter ***. :/

uzme said...

You figured the rest out..?:\