Friday, October 16, 2009


I be selfish. I be almost as selfish as zardari. Almost.
I be a sadist. With the believe that mental torture is greater than the physical.
I be angry. I be a hulk. Only with zero strength.
I be a kid. I throw tantrums.
I be guilty. Of stupidity and mediocrity.

I wana be a dictator.
I wana make each and every single living termite in this country suffer...more than they already are.
I wana put zardari on fire and I wana hire someone to shave meeras head.
I wana punch this creepy bald dude next to me reading everything I type. Yes you crEEPY BALD DUDE. Go sit somewhere else man. The whole class is empty!
I wana eat peanut butter double chocolate barks I made.
I wana indulge.
I want my brain to be detached from my body.
I wana pawn this shit.

What are emotions without bilogical factors?

English in a sindhi accent is just not sexy.

1 comment:

uglyduckling91 said...

I'm sexy in every accent. B)