Monday, October 19, 2009

I *heart* ...

So Im listening to Avril. Yep. Still love her. Not embarrassed.
Im standing on the bridge, bitch
Im waiting in the dark, bitch
I thought that youd be here by now, bitch.

I love this thing Im eating.
Its dont know what its called. Its that cotton candy sort of thing you get in winter but isnt cotton candy...umm....that yellow cotton candy type thingie? Whats it called? I like it.

I got nothing to say and I get lost in this nothingness inside of me.
Just stuck, hollow and alone, and the fault is my own, and the fault is my own.
Kia awesome shairi hai=(
No matter how old I am I'll still love these songs. Shut you up.

Urooj and I were discussing what does sar kiye ye pahar" mean....since Im hooked on this song...not knowing the meaning can be frustrating. She being a huge fan of Bilal Maqsood was the right person to ask. "Pahar sarakna" basically means to move mountains. So its like The mountain has moved or something like that. I get it now. Thank you Urooj <3

Also Happy Budddaaa Mariaam and Poooe wuve you guys sooo much..*sniff* you people wrock [notice the 'w' before 'r'? its silent. Hence cooler than the plain old 'rock' hah. ] my fucked up college life...And poo thank you for completing my psychology journals and carrying my stuff and getting things for me...I know Ive been a complete bitch to you not replying and ditching you guys....Im sorry...I still still love you itna sara *tears* and Mariam....I love your hand gestures and its funny how you tell the same story like 5 times....and almost half the stuff you tell is interesting....You make me feel Im alive every time you beat me up for doing/saying absolutely nothing at all [:p]...Im gona miss you guys oh so much... *more tears*

Now that Ive written down my feelings here please dont expect me to make you guys a card n shit...Love ya!

Love you too Rida..:p
and Kainat...and the clan

... Also Eminem and De Niro and Joshua Bell and Al Pacino.

*makes weird faces*


Yep. Done.


Furkan said...

'sar kiye ye pahar' actually means to climb a mountain.

so it goes something like. . .
sar kiye yeh pahar, dariyaoon ki gehrayoon mein tujhay dhoonda hai
climbed over mountains, been in the depths of the rivers, looking for you.

Your welcome! :)

uzme said...

Thank you :O