Monday, October 12, 2009

Joshua Bell is adorable!

I forgot how to start a post.
Anyway. I have a confession to make. I dont exactly mind gender inequality anymore. I mean yeah it can be very annoying n shit...but here in Pakistan....women DO get special treatment. Im speaking for myself here cuz your case might be completely different. times.
Like....I get to eat in my IT class...being the only girl [theres another lady but shes an exception] I get special attention. I get to see codes from the book while everyone else works their ass off figuring the shit out. And now that we're given our group project the guys are gettin most of it done. I just sit there eat lays n text while the dudes try to get some work done. But I deserve it. For my last e-project I did all the work while the other two group members had milo. So. Yes. And its not like Im not working at all. The whole idea was mine.
We have to design a software using java applets. The other guys are making shipping thingie and some property tax thingie and Im like wtf?:\
So I suggested we make a 'Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders' [DSM]. And boy did I look cool sayin all those big ass alienated words in my IT class. I mean the crowd there only speaks C++, Java and the kinds...theyre all nerds and dunno shit about psychology. Anyway. So we're making DSM. I gave em the data and I told how to go about the thing. So theyre gona write the codes n shit and I can just sit back and relax.
Back to sexism.
Its not that bad....unless we're talking being harassed by colleagues. That sucks. Also being stared at is kinda annoying. And the ass grabbing. And the cheap remarks. Gaah. Fuck this shit. I dont like gender inequality. Bus.

"Im a weird part of your life, if one at all"

Whats that supposed to mean?:\
Weird people.
I dont get people. Theyre weird. All of them.
No matter how normal they appear. Deep down inside theres always a weirdo hiding.
And I dont mean weird in a cool unconventional way.
I mean weird in the most typically Odd way.

.::zara zara touch me touch me touch me::.
What. The. Fuck?

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