Sunday, October 11, 2009

Delicious disaster.

Now you may get the idea that I dont have a life n all but indeed I do. Like. Bleh. Anyway. So this new friend of mine Mohsina ryte, she tried the chocolate brownie cake thingie I told her about and how awesome it turned out n all....and I was all...dude...need chocolate..
I mean Im not chocoholic like Rida n Bilal or whatever I mean...I have good control on my chocolate desires but I like..really needed some today:\
So...I ended up making peanut butter double chocolate barks I wanted to try on eid but dint cuz I was too lazy...and Guess what?
lol...[shoots herself in the head]....ima upload pics again!!!
[I cant help it ): ] HAH I made ulta smiley. The seedha wala looks weird with brackets.
Anyway....The first thing you do is melt white chocolate chips..

So I like wait n wait n wait but the thing just wont melt....This is what it looks like after 30 minutes...

then I realized I have a microwave oven....and im all...Fuck you uzma >_>...and then I lietrally satrted saying..." melt you stupid whore" [which my khala heard I think....and that eplains the smirk on her face]...then I added milk cuz it wudnt melt....only to make it look more crappy...

By this time I was going insane and kept repeating....oh-my-God-what-the-hell-fuck-this-shit-man..
But finally started to look...not so crappy...

Then you add peanut butter [chunky] and mix it with the chocolate..

Then spread plastic wrap on a baking tray....But I was too lazy to take the tray out and wash and dry it so I just took this ordinary tray...

what I dint notice was that its all curvy...and what I dint predict was that its not deep enough and it myte screw the whole thing up...[which it did]

Anyway....then spread the peanut butter chocolate thing on the tray..

Then add peanuts [yea yea I burned em....bleh]

Then add marshmallows....[or not....isnt necessary]

Then melt chocolate....but I had had enough of melting instead I made my own chocolate with condensed milk and cocoa powder...

As you can see, I dint bother washing the spatula which I used for mixing the peanut butter thingie..

Then spread it on the whole thing....the chocolate was too thick and sticky and chewy so it kinda got ruined...but then I used the remaining white chocolate to cover the sides..

By this time the thing was looking rather ridiculous. So I was all...Hey this looks crappy.....

How can I make it look crappy-er?
So after thinking for like 3 minutes...
I added sprinkles on it...Just because I had them. Yes. I enjoy screwing things up. Its very satisfying.

OKay I just went to check on them...theyre done ryte....anD OH MY FUCKING FUCK THEYRE FUCKING DELICIOUS! HAH! FUCK YOUUU!!!!!

If you can get past the weird appearance that is.

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Anum Altaf Hussain said...

hey dis is what you brought to office right?it was yummy! i so want to make this ..