Friday, October 23, 2009


Im so pathetic when Im sick...more pathetic than hajira when she gets dumped.
Im terrible at it.
Know what sucks more than flu? Flu AND dead throat. Like theres a cactus stuck down your throat....and everytime you inhale the thorns brush against you...ssss....pain!
I dont only feel/act/think pathetic I also look pathetic. And I dont mean adorable wala pathetic like red nose and pink eyes and bloodless white/yellow/gray
I dint take out my winter clothes yet...yea...and Im Im like uh...what do I wear?
So Im wearing a pink shirt long gray socks and a maroon night gown on top. No sirs, Not sexy. Not even close. And I have like guests over. Bleh.

Seen 27 dresses?

I was just thinking about random shit and not focus on anything particular....And I thought of some of my super cool friends [read stupid fucks] ....who obsess over useless more useless than general shit. The kinds who start worshipping stuff like "Manchester United" and "arsenal" and bully you in to picking a side and if you go to the other side they're ready to beat the crap out of you...The kind who update their status after every match....something like "we lost but we still stand proud" or "we won you suck gunners" kind of bullshit.
They also fall in love with places like "sparta" and join weird communities like "fuck my nationality Im a spartan" .... They just...annoy me. They annoy me a LOT.
These kind of activities dont suit Paki children. They are more like angraizi issues...dig? Cuz you know...they have all the basic necessities of life and their aim is to get laid before they hit 16..
This is a third world country. Our issues should be more like..."what if theres a blast in the city tommowo...I have to go to a birthday" or "What if they delay the exams again? I dont wana wait for graduation another year" or "What if my mum gets me married before graduation"...seee...

My mum says Ive had flu since may and so my brain is getting weak and Im weak and if this continues Im gona become stupid...well....yep reading the shit I just wrote. I believ you maa.
She says she wants to take me to the doctor...I dont wana go...Doctors are one of those things I "dont do"....but she says if I go shes gona buy me peanut butter and marshmallows and nutella on our way back....I have to go now.

I feel 8 years old...>_>


uglyduckling91 said...

"fuck my nationality Im a spartan"


Anonymous said...

Shit man, you spoke my mind. Apparently every single friend of mine is like Holy Manchester Urinated or Ass-enal whatevershit. Meh. =_=

uzme said...

lol...Arsenal fans are still better I think..