Sunday, October 18, 2009

Urooj : Hello?

Me : *sniff*

Urooj : sick?

Me : Yes.

Urooj : Not coming?

Me : Nope.

Urooj : Uzmaaaaaaaaaa...please..

Me : Im sick and in severe pain. Absolutely no way Im coming.

Urooj : Theyre gona bore me [Hope you reading mariam and afu:p]

Me : Dont go..

Urooj : Haan waise bhi Im not prepared..Its just one class....and a long day. Im not going. My house is a mess anyway...

Me : Yea dont.

Urooj : Ajao yaar please..

Me : Its just a stupid test. Forget it. Stay home.

Urooj : Youre right...just ek class hai.

Me : Yep.

Urooj : Acha I'll go. I hate you.


This is the only time I spoke today. With voice. [Texts, chats not included.]

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