Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eight long months of summer.

Dear fellow Human Beings,

If youre living in karachi youre probably aware of the fact that is fucking hot here. Hence, your body needs to cool down by sweating. When sweat combines with the bacteria on your skin it causes a smell. And not a very pleasant one I tell you. And its not your fault. I understand. I mean its a natural biological processes and you cant help it. However, bathing regularly and using antiperspirants or deodorants can help control the odor.
Why do you not take a shower everyday, I ask you? Do you have any idea how much pain it can cause the person sitting next to you? I mean first I tolerate this weather....this shit, pathetic, sick weather. Then I tolerate the crowd Im in....SO many human beings.....and I watch you make all those stupid idiotic conversations everyday with an equally (or more) stupid component of yours while you giggle away your life...and to top it off I have to breathe near you while you stink like a pig. [I deserve to go to heaven for tolerating all this] Its agonizing! Please bathe, my dear fellow bitch. Please do, everyday. Also change your clothes along with you undies - e v e r y d a y! Have mercy on me. Please. I go through enough already. Please!

With lots of hatred and condemnation,


RidZ said...

I was gonna blog about this. But, oh well =D

uzme said...

Im not alone then=D