Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is this the way its meant to be...

Many years ago I had this weird experience. I was sleeping alone in my room when suddenly I woke up only to find myself not being able to move my body and had a strong feeling that someone was in my room but I couldnt move to see if someone was really there. I tried really hard to get up but couldnt. Was paralysed. Then I gave up and went back to sleep. I hate to admit but I was kinda scared which is odd since Im always the brave one around. Im the one who goes alone to switch off the tv when lights go out cuz everyone else is too scared. Im the one who goes to knock on the door of "bhoot house" [just this house which is said to be haunted where I live] and Im the one telling scary stories and making girls cry in the dark. So yes. That particular incident has annoyed me for quite some time. But I recently found out that it was nothing but sleep paralysis. It happens to a lot of people and its natural to be scared and feel the presence of another person in the room. So THANK YOU PSYCHOLOGY FOR ANSWERING ALL MY QUESTIONS. I LOVE YOU DEARLY. PLEASE NEVER GO AWAY.

That being said I dont exactly appreciate science always butting in and giving logical explanations of everything awesome. I sometimes dont want answers. I dont want to know that vampires are not real and I dont want to know that alien abduction is not real and I dont want to know that spirits are not real. Sucks tha fun out of everything. Let there be mysteries, Please?
Im not saying Im superstitious but just would be nice knowing aliens are out there trying to take over earth....and that vampires are here hiding somewhere. But THANK YOU science for making it all boring and real. Whatever. Youre not that cool. I like living in the dark. They have peanut butter there.

I had a war dream last night....Been a while since I had one of those. Only this time it was here in karachi...not Afghanistan or Israel. That was cool. I mean no war isnt cool. But my dream..I mean the graphics....they were pretty real. Like I go out and theres blood everywhere. A white building covered with blood....and it was dripping from its edges.
Marvellous work my demented unconscious. Very entertaining.
Marquis de Sade, after all these years, I finally undersatnd you mate. And Im not ashamed.

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