Friday, October 2, 2009

Shit or poop?

This headache wont go away...
I dont like my IT class anymore. I mean I never liked it in the first place but I dont like it even more since mariam left. Everyone picks on me. And I never retort. Cuz. I dunno. They're lame. They call me cookie. And the senior batch calls me Milo.
We're gona get our final java applet project next week and its going to be a group project. And Im left with the following choices..:

a) A smart guy who's sure to get highest in class along with the most batameez cheeky bastard.

b) A dumb blonde trapped in a body of a 30 year old who keeps coming up with the lamest most illogical hypotheses and keeps trying to prove em and a nice nervous dude who's very easy to confuse.

c) A tall creep who keeps staring, a total complete stranger and a 40 year old PhD in whatever [who also like the blonde comes up with stupid theories].

I think Ima join group A. At least I'll get a good grade. Bleh. This sucks.


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