Sunday, October 25, 2009


Seen that fancy promo of this indian movie "blue"...?
The one which gives you the idea that its all about sharks and the shits?
Well I had the misfortune of watching it last night.

This is how it starts....Two dudes out on a fancy boat fishing...somehow a shark gets stuck in the one dude dives in to get rid of it...and another dude too very calmly dives in after cracking a very unhumorous joke...and then he very politely guides, what appeared to be a great white shark, out of the net while grabbing its nose...



shark thi ya bakri?

DUDE! Even anraiz people dont show that shit....are you fucking kidding me? Like what the fuck man!! ARRGHHH!!!!
And Im sure everyones gona love that pile of dog poop....
Whatever man..>_>

Its junaids birthday tommowo...I wana bake him a caramel chocolate cake...Im such a good sister..=(

So....if you feel something and dont say doesnt really change the way you just...its there...just not are certain people youre not allowed to hate...not allowed by the social norms...its just not digestible....absolutely not arguments a son isnt allowed to hate his mother who has struggled all her life to educate him all alone...Thats it. Just one side of the story...and you HAVE to be okay with it.
Or you may love/like someone youre not allowed a dude who killed or tried killing a family member....He tried harming your family whoever for whatever reasons doesnt matter...he cannot be you especially.

Weird shit I tell you. Too much subjectivity. We're all gona die with so many secrets. Its a shame how no one will ever know things that are so important to us.

Weird shit I tell you. Weird weird shit.