Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We come alone, we leave alone, we stay alone. When everyone goes to sleep we're awake alone. When we're in a gathering we're in our minds alone. We're the only ones who care. We're the only ones bothered. We're selfish and we're self obsessed. We're the only ones concerned about ourselves. You dont care about this post and I dont care about you. Nobody cares, NO one ever will.
That being said - I saw a 3 day old dead baby and it was horrible. More horrible was watching the baby's father carrying him.
All that and the whole day I was busy trying to comfort Myself. And comfort I did not get.
All I could think of was Myself. How I dint want anyone to see ME cry. How I wanted to distract MYSELF from the situation.
We're all empty, lonely, miserable souls struggling to somehow satisfy ourselves. We're all as pointless as existence.