Monday, October 5, 2009

Its been a long day.

So I was just taking a shower and I had this sudden urge to blog about a movie I saw a long time back and was very lame....The curious case of Benjamin Button...Well it sucked. Those were the longest 2 and a half hours of my life. It was lame, long and over rated. And I saw the whole movie cuz for some reason I was expecting Mr. Pitt to turn into an embryo in the end. I mean....I kind of knew he wont...but I just...dunno was expecting him to.....Like.....he ages backwards technically he shouldve turned into an

Psychologists have shown it takes between 90 seconds and 4 minutes to decide if you fancy someone. By analysing blood samples from the lovers, Dr Marazitti discovered that serotonin levels of new lovers were equivalent to the low serotonin levels of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder patients. [HAH]
New couples also exalt the relationship itself. “It's very common to think they have a relationship that's closer and more special than anyone else's”. Psychologists think we need this rose-tinted view. It makes us want to stay together to enter the next stage of love – attachment.

And finally … how to fall in love :

*Find a complete stranger.
*Reveal to each other intimate details about your lives for half an hour.
*Then, stare deeply into each other’s eyes without talking for four minutes.

Read the complete study Here.

ANYWAY...Ive been blank....and Ive been trying hard to blog. You must've noticed of course. Well. Oh well. Oh well well. I keep failing.

Im gona label this post ...pure bullshit=D


uglyduckling91 said...

Curious Case of Belly Button. lol!

And your first label! :D :D :D

uzme said... least this makes sense=D


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. I read your blog, btw.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button was a well made film which wasn't put together right, and yes, the premise of it was terrible.

Anonymous said...

Did you do that drawing in your profile?

If so, you are fucking amazing. That is the best drawing I have seen all year and I'm not even joking.

uzme said...

I did, yes.
Thank you=D